Chang Tian Shoes Co., Ltd.

Enterprise concept
Since the establishment of Changtian, we have a more accurate grasp of shoes, fashion, simplicity, quality, service, is our core!
Those amazing designs in our studio began to emerge.
Craftsmen are so skilled that today the key products are still made here: strict selection of materials, rare designs, exquisite craftsmanship, modern production patterns.
Today, with the support of strength, Changtian can still create dream shoes and bags.
Attention to detail is characteristic of Chang Tian company.
Serving customers is the tenet of Chang Tian company.
Inspiration comes from art, insisting on self-originality, integrating a variety of cultural elements and a variety of craftsmanship, the extraordinary spirit of shoes deduced to the extreme. The unique gentleman aristocratic temperament is the embodiment of justice, transcendent, loyalty, courage and fashion.
Nowadays, the materials used in shoes are more and more diversified. We strictly control the selection of materials. Every material must be strictly tested to ensure product quality and comfort, and make the products meet the requirements of environmental protection and health.
The collision between modernization and tradition has made the technology of traditional crafts exquisite and modern. Standard streamlined operation and efficient management mode enable continuous improvement of production capacity and continuous improvement of product quality. Each process is equipped with QC strict inspection, and each pair of shoes can be qualified to enter the market.
Under the premise of ensuring quality, we will provide you with super first-class speed. Each country's business has a dedicated docking, to thoughtful service, to win the trust and love of our customers.